(Sandy) Alex G Returns With The Gently Nostalgic New Song ‘Fay’

2017 found (Sandy) Alex G releasing the biggest success of his young career with Rocket, his first album after adding the “(Sandy)” to his stage name. But the album wasn’t just a natural progression, as the record found the artist embracing an Americana aesthetic that took his melodic tendencies to new heights, landing as one of Uproxx’s favorites of the year. Turns out the same guy that Frank Ocean recruited to play guitar for his last record and his scattered live performances could also write a damn good, tear-in-your-beer heartbreaker.

The Philadelphia-based songwriter is back on his weepy kick with his latest song, the gentle “Fay.” On the track, which appeared quite suddenly via (Sandy) Alex G’s YouTube channel last night, the musician offers up a childlike melody that rings as distinctly innocent and nostalgic, juxtaposed by lyrics that touch on a brush with a police officer. There’s no inclination if this song is a Rocket outtake or if it could be the beginning of a new album cycle or if it is just a new song that Alex is releasing as a standalone. What we do know is that it is a beauty, and furthering the belief that (Sandy) Alex G has tapped into something truly special with his recent songs.

Check out (Sandy) Alex G’s “Fay” above.