Sara Bareilles And Leslie Odom Jr. Give Obama A Musical Response To Donald Trump This Election

Eight years ago, the nation was enthralled by a young senator who was preaching a message of hope and change. In the eight years since his election, Barak Obama has seen an unprecedented amount of pushback from a GOP-controlled House, while certain demagogues in the making have questioned whether he’s even a U.S. citizen. This has led to Obama’s final days as President of the United States, working to continue his message against one of the most vitriolic campaigns in the history of politics.

This has led to NPR, Sara Bareilles, and Leslie Odom Jr. serving as a musical mouthpiece for Obama. What would he be crooning about if he were behind a mic considering his final days in the Oval Office? The lyrics are intense and poignant to say the least.

“Let’s start with hope / I threw it in the middle like a skipping stone / the ripples won, son of a gun / Some would not have thought so / But I stand here Commander in Chief / And I take that seriously / But along the way / A rogue ripple turned tidal wave / In reaction to what I tried to do / A rebirth of a nation’s hatred / red, white, and blue. Is black in there too?”

It’s a heartbreaking and enlightening look at Obama’s final days as our leader, and one that was not expected in the least.

(Via This American Life)