‘Modern Family’ Star Sarah Hyland Provides Stunning Back Up Vocals For A Chainsmokers’ Cover

If you listened to the radio or were in any sort of public place this year, there is a better than not chance that you heard The Chainsmokers‘ song “Closer” enough times to know that she can’t afford that Rover or the tattoo on her shoulder. The electronic duo’s team up with Halsey had the catchy hooks to make it a summer hit, but it’s safe to say that you’re probably ready for this ear worm to leave you alone for a long while. If the latest Billboard charts are to be believed, lots and lots of people are ready to move on.

However, after this cover, you may be rethinking that. Many starlets have parlayed acting into a singing career (and vice versa) to varying degrees of success, and it looks like Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland will be the latest. Whether it’s just singing Halsey’s part in this cover from Boyce Avenue or if she’ll take her talent to other opportunities remains to be seen, but what is clear is that the woman has talent. In this acoustic take on the summer hit, Hyland’s airy vocals take center stage, and from the sounds of things, she could pursue some different avenues whenever Modern Family ends (just kidding, ABC will keep that going forever).

You can check out more of Boyce Avenue’s covers and original music on their YouTube channel.

(H/T Bro Bible)