Schoolboy Q Warns Against The Destructive Cycle Of Gang Violence In His Somber ‘Dangerous’ Video

The rollout for Schoolboy Q’s new album may have been less than perfect to start, but now that it’s in full swing, he’s delivered a number of inventive videos that have kept it in the forefront of the discourse. Schoolboy’s latest Kid Cudi-featuring Crash Talk single “Dangerous” is the latest to receive a haunting video treatment with a powerful, anti-violence message.

The video sees Q and an associate lying in wait for a rival in a warehouse district of the sort that dot the South Los Angeles area where he grew up. As they ambush their target, he attempts to flee before being brought down by a blast from the shotgun of Q’s partner before Q himself calmly strolls up to deliver the coup de grace. As he fires the fatal shots, the screen cuts to black, flashing the somber message, “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.”

Moments later the aphorism becomes prophecy as Q and his partner’s escape is cut short by vengeance-seeking rivals, who drive up alongside their car and fire into it, illustrating the endless cycle of revenge and tragedy that comes along with gang life.

Now that Crash Talk has been out a few weeks, the expectation would usually be for Q to take the show on the road to promote it this summer, but in his typical, contrarian fashion, he has instead announced his intention to blow off touring to catch his daughter’s soccer games.