Schoolboy Q Asked J. Cole For The Name Of The ‘Machine’ BTS Used To ‘Fake Their Streams’

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The countdown to the release of Schoolboy Q’s fifth studio album is officially under way. On Monday, the 32-year-old rapper revealed that the project is called Crash Talk. And as is the case with any release, he’s taken to all the social channels to make sure fans are fully aware of its imminent arrival. Q’s most recent publicity tactics, however, have been slightly unorthodox. On Monday, the rapper hopped on Instagram to solicit some streaming advice from his friend and collaborator J. Cole.

“I’ve been number one in the country before, but I’m not gonna lie, I want to go number one in the country again,” the video begins. Q is speaking as he’s driving and explaining that his label had recently warned him that his pursuit of the number one spot on the Billboard 200 might be thwarted by the South Korean boy group and international sensation BTS, whose latest release, Map of the Soul: Persona, was released this past Friday. “I’m like g*ddamn who the f*ck are these n*ggas, bruh? N*ggas tryna f*ck up my little shine. I don’t even be droppin’ like that. Let me get my little shine on for a week!” he lamented hilariously.

Q then went on to suggest that fellow rapper J. Cole had told him that BTS had used “machines” to boost their streaming numbers. This revelation left the “Chopstix” rapper with one burning question: “Sh*t, so J.Cole, what was the machine called that n*ggas was using for their fake streams cause I wanna borrow that mothaf*cka.”

Schoolboy Q’s album Crash Talk will be released on Friday, April 26.