Watch Selena Gomez Play Every Member Of A Bizarre Love Triangle In The Retro ‘Bad Liar’ Video

Selena Gomez put her acting background to work in the video for her excellent new single “Bad Liar.” The Talking Heads-sampling track went even further into the past for its accompanying clip, following Gomez as she navigates through a school day in 1978.

Throughout the day, Gomez tries to catch the eye of a gym teacher she is infatuated with and notices her father — a teacher at the school — seems to be flirting with her. Oh, did we mention that Gomez plays the part of all three characters as well as her mother? That seems important.

For a pop star to move the high-school crush narrative outside of its typically hetero constraints would be newsworthy enough on its own, but Gomez going full Eddie Murphy in the lovingly-crafted, wallpapered throwback of a video adds an extra layer of greatness to what was already a fantastic pop song (seriously, even David Byrne is on board). And the video is even better when held up to the story of how her former flame turned down a movie role over a depiction of gay sex.

Give the video a watch up top and look out for “Fetish” — whatever that might be — to drop in the near future.