Selena Gomez Took The ‘SNL’ Stage For A Pair Of Sizzling Performances

Even though Selena Gomez has been on the scene for more than a few years at this point, she is still (to many) the young girl who made her first mark on the entertainment world on the Disney Channel. With multiple albums already under her belt, the pop singer decided to make Revival her first truly grown-up project with a bevy of sexy and sultry songs. In her first Saturday Night Live performance Gomez continued to establish herself as a mature performer with a pair of performances that should put to bed her Disney show past once and for all.

Squeezing in three songs in two performances, Gomez did more low key versions of “Good For You” and “Same Old Love” in a medley backed by a snapping circle of men. She followed up with a steamy “Hands To Myself” dance that involved a bed covered in silk sheets, Selena dressed in a silk slip, and male and female dancers with their hands decidedly not to themselves. Gomez was confident, strutting around the stage and interacting with the dancers with a few cheeky smiles and winks to the crowd. On top of the performance being entertaining, it was also quite steamy as the dancers and Gomez basically simulated the foreplay of a threesome on the prop bed. For anyone who still doubts Gomez as a grown up artist, this should be more than enough evidence that she can hold her own as a more adult singer while still having a good time on stage.

She confirmed the coolness of the experience by thanking SNL for making a childhood dream come true. A childhood dream coming to fruition on the same night she got to prove to a huge audience that she’s not a child anymore. Good for you, Selena.

(via Rolling Stone)