Shia LaBeouf's Flaccid Penis Makes A Cameo In The New Sigur Rós Video, For Some Reason


If you woke up today thinking, “Gee, I’d really like to see possible cannibal and “art rapist” Shia LaBeouf’s dong in an acid-trippy music video,” well, it’s your lucky day. Yes, Shia’s flaccid peen — which he famously dipped into Megan Fox’s honey pot, according to Shia himself — makes an appearance early on in the just-released video for Sigur Rós’ Fjögur Píanó,” a song Stereogum describes as a “meditative instrumental piece.” (Translation: a song people get high to.)

In the clip, we see LaBeouf engaging in some morning naked experimental ballet with a limber blonde ladyfriend, going on an underwater car ride, crying at the sight of a room full of wall-mounted butterflies, and committing some sort of bloody sex assault. It doesn’t make the tiniest bit of sense…

No, nothing about this video makes any sort of sense, but it strikes me as the sort of thing Roger Sterling would appreciate in season five of Mad Men. Obviously, the video is NSFW — the Shia peen comes in at around the :50 mark. As this YouTube commenter put it, “Mad respect to shia for doing this type of artsy fartsy stuff.”

Consider yourself warned…

(HT: Stereogum)