A Signed Jay-Z Trading Card Just Sold For A Record-Breaking Amount Of Money

Despite an unprecedented year, Jay-Z has been doing very well for himself. The rapper has secured a number of business deals in the last year, including his Tidal deal with Jack Dorsey’s Square. And while Jay-Z’s endeavors have made him a good amount of money, apparently his signature alone is worth a hefty sum as well. A Jay-Z trading card that was signed by the rapper himself just sold for a record-breaking amount of money at an auction.

An autographed Jay-Z “Signs Of Stardom” Topps trading card from 2005 was recently posted for sale on the online auction platform Goldin Auctions. While the card had some initial bids hovering around the $2,000 mark, one buyer was able to up the ante. Closing out the sale, Jay-Z’s trading card was purchased by a fan for a whopping $105,780. The six-figure sale means that it was sold for more money than any other non-sports trading card ever.

Online sports card platform SlabStox first picked up the exciting news on social media. “This is a public service announcement… a Jay-Z Topps Chrome Superfractor RC Auto 1/1 just sold for $105,780 via @goldinauctions. That marks the all-time record for a non-sports/TCG card,” they wrote.

See a photo of Jay-Z’s signed trading card above.