Dutch Choir Covers Skrillex's 'Bangarang' A Capella-Style, Makes It More Listenable Than Ever Imagined

You and me both, Skrillex. You and me both.

One of my favorite unintended side effects of writing on the internet daily is that you end up championing opinions you probably wouldn’t have even considered if you didn’t write on the internet. Exhibit A: Skrillex. If my job didn’t entail sharing kick ass a capella covers of Skrillex songs I would just go about living my life not thinking one way or another about Skrillex’s torture music, but instead I’m oddly excited to let everyone know that a Dutch choir covered his hit (?) “Bangarang” with only their voices, and in doing so improved it exponentially.

Video after the jump. Awesome listen for a Friday morning. I’m sure these Dutch folks feel like they’re paying tribute to the dubstep wizard as opposed to pulling a Noah Guthrie, but that’s what makes them Dutch and I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t encourage everyone to watch this all the way to the DJ close out at the end and then immediately listen to Michael Caine’s timeless thoughts on the Dutch.

Skrillex Facebook via The Daily What