These Old People Are Not Into Slipknot At All

Slipknot may be the favorite band of creepy clowns, or at least creepy clowns that are in Slipknot, but what’s their market share in the coveted senior citizen demographic? If this YouTube video is any indication, the answer is “none.” In the latest edition of The Fine Brothers’ “Elders React To” series, some unsuspecting grandparents were subjected to the ridiculous costumes and gratuitous violence of Slipknot. Oh, also their music.

Shockingly, these old dudes and ladies aren’t really into it. You get the gist of the video pretty quickly. If the idea of old people watching Slipknot and being generally disgusted and confused appeals to you, then this video is for you.

For what it’s worth, at least Rock is pretty enthusiastic about the situation.

(Via TheFineBros)