Premiere: Chicago’s Slow Mass Deliver A Blast Of Pulverizing Post-Hardcore On ‘Schemes’

Deputy Music Editor

Slow Mass

It’s hard to stick out coming out of Chicago’s vibrant music scene, just like it is difficult to make an impression in the crowded field of post-hardcore. But Slow Mass have managed to do both in just a short period of time, impressing enough with their previous single, “Blocks,” that Uproxx included them in the recent Best Rock Songs Of 2018 You Might Have Missed. Now, the band is back to premiere their latest offering, the tough-as-nails, guitar-blasting “Schemes.”

To say there is a lot happening in “Schemes” would be an understatement. The jagged tremolo guitar opening, the tendency to move seamlessly from hoarse vocal wails to melodic singalong moments, the pulverizing 90-second instrumental closing — it wouldn’t be surprising to hear these parts separately from each other and think they were from different bands. Obviously, they are not. It’s just the uncompromised vision of a young band releasing their debut album and determined to make their mark. The creative hunger is almost palpable.

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