Showthai’s Leisurely ‘NHS’ Video Heralds His Sophomore Album ‘Tyron’

After his debut album Nothing Great About Britain and head-turning antics during his NME awards performance led to a breakout year, Slowthai is ready for his next chapter. Announcing his sophomore album Tyron, the UK rapper shared a leisurely video to his new single “NHS.”

Directed by The Rest, the visual offers an intimate look at the rapper’s daily routine and a subtle nod to life in quarantine. It opens with the rapper sitting on his bed before preparing himself for the day. He lines up outside a grocery store to wait for entry and is spotted on a throne of toilet paper, a reference to when there was a panic-induced shortage back in March.

In his lyrics, Showthai dedicated the song to the UK’s healthcare system, which sees past the country’s class structure to treat everyone as equal. “Say less, why you stressed? / Thinkin’ what’s next gonna make you depressed / All the best sh*t’s got scratches on the surface / What’s a flight without turbulence?” he raps.

Speaking about his inspiration behind the track, Slowthai wrote about putting things into perspective: “I wrote this track as a reminder to always appreciate what you have whilst you have it. be happy and make do with what you have. things could always be better but things could also be worse. thank you for everything.”

Watch the “NHS” video above and find Slowthai’s Tyron cover art and tracklist below.


Disc One
1. “45 Smoke”
2. “Cancelled” Feat. Skepta
3. “Mazza” Feat. ASAP Rocky
4. “Vex”
5. “Wot”
6. “Dead”
7. “Play With Fire”

Disc Two
1. “I Tried”
2. “Focus”
3. “Terms” Feat. Dominic Fike and Denzel Curry
4. “Push” Feat. Deb Never
5. “NHS”
6. “Feel Away” Feat. James Blake and Mount Kimbie
7. “ADHD”

Tyron is out 2/5/21 via Method/AWGE/Interscope. Pre-order it here.