Smash Mouth And Car Seat Headrest Might Actually Be Working On A Covers EP

Never forget that the world can be wonderful. Case in point: A tossed-off conversation on Twitter might lead to a collaborative EP between excellent guitar-rock act du jour Car Seat Headrest and ’90s pop-rock soundtrack kings Smash Mouth.

Here’s a bit of backstory. Smash Mouth tweeted that Will Toledo’s band had made one of the best songs of the year. As you might expect, CSH got curious and asked for clarification. The two groups went back and forth about the creation of the Teens Of Denial track “Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales.” A fan saw this interaction and suggested they team up on a project. and it’s looking like they are going to.

Toledo was asked about the project on Australian radio station Triple J and he gave us a few more details on what the album might actually look like.

“That kind of remains a mysterious front but we’re hoping that something will happen with that in the future, he said. Really, we don’t know what right now, but if nothing else, we’ll probably cover a few of their songs.”

Toledo went on to express his fandom for the band, saying that “All Star” is his favorite.

“I grew up obviously knowing their hits, and I have been listening a lot to Astro Lounge, and I still think it’s a great record,” he said. “The songs really hold up as pop songs… Right now, my plan is just to cover a couple things, but we really haven’t gotten into discussion as to what exactly it’s going to be.”

Give us this one, universe.