Car Seat Headrest’s Talking Heads Cover ‘This Must Be The Place’ Is The Best Cover You’ll Hear This Year

It’s pretty clear that we’re big fans of Car Seat Headrest here at Uproxx Music. Our critic-at-large, Steven Hyden, decided to make the group’s major label debut Teens Of Denial his No. 1 album of 2016. The rest of us weren’t far behind, placing the record at No. 5.

And there’s a reason why Will Toledo and his crew are racking up the accolades everywhere they go — these guys have the kind of raw energy that people have been complaining has been missing from indie rock for the last decade or so. Nothing illustrates that more than the pure joy and funk they brought to a cover of Talking Head’s iconic “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)” while on tour with fellow Seattle band Naked Giants.

Apparently, the bands have been doing all sorts of covers while on tour, but at their Seattle gig at The Neptune last month, they ended up doing a joint eight-minute version of the song. It’s the perfect song for returning home, and the bands joined together to create one monster celebration. Luckily, the rest of us who weren’t there can experience the performance via a live recording that’s surfaced on Youtube.

What’s most fun about listening to the cover live is how Toledo has become such a confident and masterful band leader. Listen above and watch for more brilliance from this guy — it’s very clear he’s just getting started. I hope David Byrne hears this, because I think he just might like it.