A Skeptical Snoop Dogg Absolutely Kills The ‘One-Second Rap Song’ Game On ‘Fallon’

After decades in the music industry, Snoop Dogg is putting his music knowledge to the test once and for all. As the latest guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Snoop Dogg attempted to guess song titles after hearing a short snippet of a track in a game called One Second Rap Song.

Snoop Dogg was very skeptical about the game at first but unsurprisingly went on to absolutely kill it. When Fallon first explained the game’s premise, Snoop said: “Who thought of this damn show? When you do what I do, one second just may not be enough.” But sure enough, Snoop Dogg was able to successfully guess the title of each hip-hop tune, even when he was played a quarter of a second of a song.

Elsewhere in the segment, Snoop Dogg reveals he has secured a new gig at Def Jam Records: Executive Creative and Strategic Consultant. “I was a fan of Def Jam Records as a kid, and knowing the talent that they have over there and the opportunity that was waiting on me, I wanted to go over there and give a lot of opportunity to the artists over there to get some information, some wisdom and some guidance from me and then also develop some new acts and give some opportunity,” he told Fallon. “So Def Jam was the perfect place for me, considering how much I love it and how much it means to hip-hop and how it really needed somebody like me to change the energy of the building. I’m over there for one reason: to get the music back poppin’ and to make the people feel the way they’re supposed to.”

Watch Snoop Dogg play One Second Rap Song on The Tonight Show above.