Snoop Dogg Will Be A Playable Character In Three ‘Call Of Duty’ Games

Snoop Dogg’s love of gaming is well-documented; last year, he hosted a Super Bowl XBox tournament alongside Saweetie, this year, he joined the gamer crew FaZe Clan, and he’s a well-known streamer on Twitch, bringing his unique personality and wisecracks to the masses. He’s even been in a few games, perhaps most notably in Def Jam: Fight For NY as that game’s surprising final boss. Now, gamers can play with Snoop Dogg in another popular game, although this time in a different genre.

Today, Activision announced that Snoop will join its immensely popular shooter series, Call Of Duty, as a playable character in three of the franchise’s current offerings: Call Of Duty: Mobile, Call Of Duty: Vanguard, and Call Of Duty: Warzone. To acquire the character in the console versions, players can look for him on April 19 at 10 am PT. The character includes “a full Operator progression track,” along with alternate outfits. The mobile version will be available via Lucky Draw on April 1. Naturally, Snoop will be voicing himself, as he did in Call Of Duty: Ghosts

“The D O Double G is back in Call of Duty and this time I’m in the freakin’ game!” Snoop said in the press release. “Excited to be working with the COD team to bring some fly features for you all to enjoy. It’s dope….. y’all can play as me and get these sick items that have Snoop written all over them. Check it out.”

See photos of Snoop in action courtesy of Activision below.