Snoop Dogg Thought A Photoshopped Throwback Of Him Smoking With Kurt Cobain Was Real

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If Snoop Dogg is known for one thing, it’s smoking excessive amounts of weed. The rapper even has his own legal brand of marijuana. He’s also had some iconic smoke sessions with famous people from across the world, but Kurt Cobain wasn’t one of them. An Instagram user savvy with photoshop posted a doctored photo of Snoop and Cobain getting lit, and Snoop thought the photo was real.

Snoop reposted the photo to his Instagram page as a throwback. “Young dogg with Kurt 92,” the rapper wrote. Snoop received a lot of praise for the photo. Busta Rhymes wrote, “This shit is incredible!!” Another user wrote, “Wow we already know you’re legendary you just took it up a few levels.”

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Young dogg with. Kurt 🤜🏾😎92

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The photo was originally posted by Instagram user _vemix_, who is known for photoshopping celebrities together in pictures. They thought it was hilarious that they were able to fool Snoop. “When you make Snoop think he smoked with Kurt in 92,” they wrote with a laughing emoji.

True fans of both Cobain and Snoop knew the image was doctored right off the bat. One Twitter user shared both of the original images.

Instagram user _vemix_ even made the image into a t-shirt after seeing the response it garnered.

Snoop Dogg has yet to recognize the image is fake, but it’s understandable that he wishes it actually happened.