Snoop Dogg Reminisced About ‘Quitting’ Smoking Weed 20 Years Ago On The ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ Anniversary Episode

Last night (January 26), Jimmy Kimmel Live! celebrated its 20th anniversary with a special episode looking back at the show’s two-decade run. They even got the celebrity guests from the debut episode back: Snoop Dogg (who served as co-host on the 2003 episode) and George Clooney. The two had a retrospective conversation, in which they discussed how at the time back then, Snoop had apparently just quit smoking weed… or so he told Kimmel.

Kimmel brought that up and followed up, “How is that going?” Snoop, who is of course one of pop culture’s most famous marijuana connoisseurs, gave a fake sigh and replied, “Well, I guess I’ve relapsed.”

From there, Kimmel revealed he has hung on to Snoop’s 2003 rider (a list of things he wanted in his dressing room) for all these years and rattled off the items, which were mostly junk food. He then compared it to Snoop’s current rider, which is essentially the same but just a lot longer. Snoop laughed as he read the newer rider and then explained, “You got to look at it like this: Every opportunity to go on a television show is like a shopping spree. I get a chance to get some free groceries.”

Check out the clip above. Snoop also sat in on Kimmel’s conversation with Clooney, so find that below.