Snoop Dogg Says Tekashi 69 ‘Sang Like Aretha Franklin’ Trying To Get Out Prison Time

Snoop Dogg continued to weigh in on the recent testimony of Tekashi 69 against his former Nine Trey compatriots, this time alongside comedian Seth Rogen on The Howard Stern Show. When the shock jock, who loves to bring up controversial topics during his interviews, wondered aloud whether Tekashi was “crazy” for taking the stand, Snoop lit into the 22-year-old Brooklynite with his usual array of colorful metaphors and related Tekashi’s experiences in the prison system to his own.

“I’ve heard of people telling on each other — ratting on the organization — but he ratted on other organizations on top of his organization,” Snoop scolded. “That motherf*cker sang like Aretha Franklin.” He also noted that the “rules and regulations” dictate that “snitches get stitches” and wondered “when did that become a get out of jail card?” He brought up his love of the show First 48, noting that “normally” when someone is associated with a crime, he’s being charged with the crime — conveniently ignoring that that’s exactly why Tekashi chose to cooperate in the first place, to avoid multiple charges of racketeering which would have cost him 47 years of his life.

Snoop certainly understands the repercussions of time spent behind bars. When asked about his own experiences with the penal system he made a very good point when Stern called his 12-month sentence in 1990 for selling cocaine “a long time”: “12 hours is a long time,” Snoop joked. No wonder Tekashi was so eager to avoid doing more.