Snoop Dogg Praises Trump For Pardoning Death Row Co-Founder Michael Harris

Although West Coast rap godfather Snoop Dogg was highly critical of Donald Trump over the past four years, he had some words of praise for the former game show host turned politician as he left office. Sunday, The Daily Beast reported Snoop had quietly reached out to the administration through prison reform advocates to request a pardon for Death Row Records co-founder Michael “Harry O” Harris. Harris was serving a 40-year-plus sentence for drug trafficking and attempted murder. On Trump’s final day in the White House, he issued the pardon commuting Harris’s sentence and allowing the impresario to be released seven years early.

In a statement to The New York Post, Snoop commended the Trump administration for releasing Harris Tuesday, saying, “That’s great work for the president and his team on the way out. They did some great work while they was in there and they did some great work on their way out. Let them know that I love what they did.” Snoop also praised the work of activists Alice Johnson and Weldon Angelos, his contacts to the administration, who themselves had previously been pardoned by Trump.

Harry O wasn’t the only one Trump pardoned. The failed steak salesman also issued pardons to rappers Kodak Black and Lil Wayne.