Snoop Dogg Has Been In Rap So Long That He Used To Use A Typewriter To Write Out His Lyrics

Snoop Dogg’s esteemed debut album, 1993’s Doggystyle, turns 30 years old next year. Indeed, Snoop has been in hip-hop for a long time, and during his tenure, times have changed: Early in his career, he used to type his lyrics with a typewriter, he revealed in a recent interview on The 85 South Comedy Show.

At about 43 minutes into the video, Snoop was asked about G-funk group The Dove Shack and he responded, “2Scoops, that was in the group… when I first started writing raps, I used to use that n**** typewriter.” After some playful ribbing from the hosts, he continued:

“I was writing on paper ’cause I would lose my sh*t and this n**** typewriter was organized. This n**** had paper organized and sh*t, so I’m like, ‘I’m just gonna type my sh*t up.’ Man, I used to type like 65 words a minute, n****. […] It was a skill I took up at junior high school, at the little white junior high school I went to. They gave a n**** typing class and I took it. I was one of them students that was like… I took a wood class, a metal class, I took typing, I took home economics. I took classes that was, like, different.”

Check out the full interview above.