Snot And Denzel Curry’s Frantic ‘Sangria’ Video Runs With A Vibrant ‘Pink Panther’ Aesthetic

We’re at the point now where you really have to respect Snot’s commitment to the aesthetic. He’s been wearing his tightly drawn hoodie in every video and photoshoot for just about a year now — and doing so in situations where it’d ordinarily be ridiculous to do so. Just take the long-awaited video for his 2020 single “Sangria” featuring Denzel Curry. Shot in the Lana River in Tirana, Albania not only does Snot remain hoodied up, but he also double-layers with a matching puffer jacket.

Fortunately for him, so are the bars and the beat for “Sangria,” which the duo initially dropped back in October in the run-up to the release of Snot’s album Beautiful Havoc. Meanwhile, Denzel also adopts the Pink Panther look, albeit with a few more concessions made for the Albanian sunshine. He sports a polo shirt (buttoned all the way up) with matching track pants and a bucket hat. The two share relaxed chemistry as they blaze through their hi-speed verses and director Omar Jones throws trippy filters over the straightforward visuals.

Jones also directed the Iann Dior-featuring video for Snot’s last single, “Like Me,” in which Snot and Dior hit the roadway. With his endlessly malleable flow and deadpan vocals, Snot’s rapidly showing a skill for perfectly pairing with any and every collaborator, no matter how unlikely they may seem.

Watch Snot’s “Sangria” video featuring Denzel Curry above.

Snot is a Warner Music artist. .