Soccer Mommy Covers The Dixie Chicks Perfect ’90s Country Song, ‘Wide Open Spaces’

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As a girl growing up in the South in the ’90s and ’00s, it’s impossible not to love The Dixie Chicks. 21-year-old singer-songwriter and Nashville native Soccer Mommy (real name Sophie Allison) gets it. “I’m a huge Dixie Chicks fan,” Allison said. “I think ‘Wide Open Spaces’ is one of those perfect ’90s alt-country songs. Plus, it’s relatable to any girl who’s moved away from home and had to start a new life somewhere.”

Soccer Mommy’s cover of “Wide Open Spaces,” released exclusively on Amazon Music today, is delightfully unexpected. Allison’s music isn’t really country — her voice is flat and honest, decidedly un-twangy, and and her debut album Clean, while excellent, does not feature any steel guitar. Allison’s cover of “Wide Open Spaces” is fairly faithful to the original, but she makes it her own by adding some fuzzy, lo-fi guitar and a rocking breakdown at the end. “Wide Open Spaces” is one of those songs that transcends genre. Like Allison said, it’s a country song, but it’s also a song about a girl leaving home to find herself somewhere else. The country arrangement of “Wide Open Spaces” sounds like the places Allison is leaving behind, and her voice and guitar sound like her rock star dreams.

Allison is currently on tour, and will be supporting fellow yeehaw queen Kacey Musgraves on tour early next year. Check out all of Soccer Mommy’s tour dates here, and listen to her cover of “Wide Open Spaces” above.