All Your Options For Getting Solange’s Stunning ‘A Seat At The Table’ On Vinyl

‘s release of A Seat At The Table was anything but conventional, and it looks like the physical rollout of the album is going to be more of the same. Fans who want to get their hands on real-world copies of one of the best albums released this year will have more than a few interesting options.

Of course, the album will be available on CD (November 18) and as a double-LP vinyl album (December 9). But beyond that there’s all sorts of cool goodies that fans of the “Cranes In The Sky” singer can indulge in. Urban Outfitters is releasing a purple version of the vinyl — a missed opportunity to release a gold album that Master P would approve of, in my opinion — and can also buy a package that includes the Solange’s art book. She sent copies out to 86 lucky fans around A Seat At The Table‘s release, releasing it digitally for all of us unlucky ones. But fans who want something they can return to easily while vibing to “Don’t Touch My Hair” can pick up a standalone copy of the book via Solange’s website.

Even without all these options available, Solange managed to net her first-ever number one on the Billboard 200. And for those of us who don’t quite have $50+ to drop on an art book, there’s always Knowles’ excellent Saturday Night Live performance sitting on the internet for free.