Watch This Silky Smooth Musician Bust Out A Soulful Cover Of Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’

By this point in our existence, we have all been inundated with countless versions and parodies of ‘Shake It Off’ by Taylor Swift. There’s dog and cat versions by the boatload, a critically-adored version by Ryan Adams, and likely enough copycats to create their own nation. I shall call it Swiftayvania (don’t rush off, they’re polygamists).

But still, this cover is nice. It’s has the tempo notched down, much like the Ryan Adams version, but it is smoother. It’s got soul according to Reddit, and musician Joel Cross does his best to add a little bounce when the moment is required. Not to mention it wasn’t something that was upload directly to achieve viral fame. It’s a damn vertical video, meaning that this is just a natural cover for Cross (an assumption, but a pretty good one).

It’s the kind of song you’d request on a dare from your friends, to come off like a goof, but then soon realize you screwed up and walked into something you enjoy. And at least it’s a peppy song. I once requested more Warren Zevon after a restaurant musician played “Lawyers, Guns and Money” to the bar, leading him to choose “Excitable Boy.” It was the only other Zevon song he knew and it led to an awkward graduation dinner for the family sitting in front of the stage.

(Via Skuitarist)