Thieves Broke Into Soulja Boy’s House Then Bragged About It On The Rapper’s Instagram Live

Getty Image

Soulja Boy is currently locked up for a parole violation, so thieves took the opportunity to break into his house and steal his phone. Those same thieves then apparently used the phone to log into Soulja’s Instagram and brag about the heist on Instagram Live, according to TMZ.

The burglars were also able to make away with $700,000 in jewelry, cash, and other personal items. The house staff noticed the items missing after checking on the house and notified authorities. Police were able to track down the bandits relatively quickly due to their quirky need to let their crimes be known. TMZ also reports that the thieves used the phone to message Soulja Boy’s famous friends, claiming to be his new signees. They apparently asked for music video reposts and guest features, which would probably have worked better if they didn’t also immediately give the scam away by livestreaming their exploits to Soulja’s followers.

Soulja Boy was jailed last week for violating probation due to police finding ammunition at his Agoura Hills home during an investigation of claims of kidnapping against the rapper by an ex. He was originally arrested in March, allowed to leave, then locked up again after posting bail and returned last week for his arraignment. He will be held without bail until April 30.