Soulja Boy Believes ‘Crank That’ Would Be ‘More Viral’ If He Had Dropped It In 2023 Instead

Soulja Boy recently did an interview with Kids Take Over, where he discussed his hit song, “Crank That (Soulja Boy).” He also had a theory that it would do even better in terms of virality if he had dropped it in 2023, instead of 2007.

“This was before streaming, really,” Soulja shared. “This was still in iTunes and ringtones. I would have went more viral right now than I did back then. Actually, the f*cking numbers and sh*t that I did back then is f*cking legendary, amazing compared to today’s, from the technology that I was using.”

“Imagine if I had TikTok! What the f*ck?” he added. “You know how many people would have been doing the ‘Crank That’ dance?”

At the time that Soulja Boy originally dropped the song, it was a massive hit. So much so that it reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, and stayed there for seven non-consecutive weeks.

Earlier this year, the rapper also posted to social media about how he felt that his influence carried into hip-hop today. “Now everyone vlogs their career like me,” he said. “Now everyone uploads their music to the internet,” he wrote. “Now everyone goes live for their fans. I started it. Thank me or not. Flowers/Credit or not.”

Check out Soulja Boy’s interview about “Crank That” and more above.