Soulja Boy Was Released From Jail Nearly Five Months Early

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Soulja Boy is now a free man. The rapper was released from jail 146 days before his sentence was up. Soulja Boy left Van Nuys Jail in Van Nuys, California Sunday morning at 2 am, nearly five months early.

According to a report from TMZ, the rapper was released from jail after serving three months of his original 240 day sentence for a probation violation. The LA Sheriff’s Dept. confirmed Soulja Boy’s early leave was due to a “combination of good behavior, time served and overcrowding.”

Soulja Boy’s 240 day sentence came after a judge ruled that the rapper failed to complete his court-ordered community service. He even attempted to falsify documents saying his community service was completed, according to TMZ. Federal agents also found ammunition in his home after a search back in February, which violated the conditions of his probation. A combination of these three illegal acts landed him time behind bars.

While Soulja Boy was serving time, a kidnapping case against him was thrown out by prosecutors due to a lack of evidence.

Back in June, Soulja Boy thanked his fans for their continued support. In a phone call recorded and posted to his Instagram, the rapper said he was planning on a “major comeback” once released. “I love all my fans, it ain’t over,” he said. “It’s a minor setback for a major comeback.”

Soulja Boy’s “major comeback” is sure to be soon now that he’s been officially released from jail.