Soulja Boy Has Been Sentenced To 240 Days In Jail For Violating His Probation

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Whether or not Soulja Boy actually thought he had the biggest comeback in hip-hop last year, it looks like his current run is being cut short after police found ammunition in his Agoura Hills home in February. Possession of the ammo constitutes a violation of the terms of Soulja’s probation, for which he was sentenced to 240 days in jail today, according to TMZ.

In addition to serving most of the year in jail, Soulja will also have to complete 265 days of community service upon his release. Hopefully, he actually finishes his court-mandated duties this time around, because failure to do so made up at least part of his current probation violation, according to TMZ. The court even says that the rapper conspired to falsify evidence to show that he had completed his original community service sentence, which is, of course, a pretty big violation on Soulja’s part.

The rapper’s home was searched in February after an ex-girlfriend claimed he kidnapped her and tied her up in his garage. While police found no evidence to support the accusation, they did find the ammunition, which violated the terms of his 2014 weapons case, wherein he was arrested for possession of a firearm for driving around with a loaded gun under his passenger seat.