SoundCloud Leaves Artists In Shock After Accidentally Leaking Hundreds Of Private Songs

Leaked music has been a pain in the a** for music artists since before Jay-Z stabbed Un Rivera for allegedly giving Vol. 3. album to bootleggers. Usually, third parties are responsible for music hitting the streets early but SoundCloud found itself in troubling waters after the service accidentally leaked “tons” of private tracks. To make matters worse, many artists initially learned via social media their material had been leaked instead hearing directly from SoundCloud.

“Shout to SoundCloud for leaking every single private track on all of our accounts,” read @ZAXXOfficial’s first tweet. “The fact we had to find out via social media about @soundcloud leaking private tracks, didn’t even get an email warning, I’m appalled.”

@ItsMarkJohn on Twitter posted an email from SoundCloud about the leaked tracks and captioned it “oh sick so my unreleased EP went public while I was sleeping, Along with like 300 other tracks that are unfinished.”

SoundCloud blamed the leaked tracks on a “coding error during routine improvements and maintenance.” To rectify the situation, the music service has “reset the infected links of all affected tracks.” SoundCloud apologized for the inconvenience and said they will “work hard to prevent this from happening in the future.”

(Via Hip-Hop N More)