Sounds Like Lindsay Lohan’s Sobriety Is Doing Great At Coachella

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04.15.14 11 Comments



Lindsay Lohan is at Coachella this week, so naturally the allegations of her falling off the wagon have started rolling in, since Lindsay Lohan going to Coachella is like sending a recovering addict to a booze and drug fueled music festival. I mean, there’s not even a better metaphor for that. That is literally just what it is.

An eyewitness told InTouch that Lindsay had been seen with her 20-year-old sister Ali and some other friends backstage during Kid Cudi’s performance, not so subtly partaking in the liquid festivities:

“She looked completely out of it. She couldn’t stand up straight and she was frantically chain smoking cigarettes,” an eyewitness exclusively tells In Touch. “In one of her hands she had a plastic cup with a clear liquid in it.”

“The group was standing in a small cabana, booth type thing and one of the friends was making regular trips to the bar. I overheard the friend order four vodka sodas and when he carried them back to the group,” the eyewitness alleges, “he handed one to Lindsay and she started drinking it. She didn’t seem to care who saw and none of the group seemed concerned.”

Granted, this is a sketch eyewitness testimony from a sketchier gossip publication — but word that a recovering addict, who has already admitted to relapsing in the very vehicle that was supposed to be guiding her recovery, once again relapsed while surrounded by temptation isn’t doing much more than connecting the dots.

I mean, if I forget to latch the gate going into the cat room, I know my dog is going to go in there and chow down on the litterbox treasures. I don’t need InTouch to tell me that.

(Header image via Lindsay Lohan’s Instragram)

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