Spoek Mathambo Is Coming Back With A Global Blend Of House Music And African Folk On ‘Mzansi Beat Code’

South African producer Spoek Mathambo is returning with his latest album-cum-globalist house music study Mzansi Beat Code. To celebrate the announcement, he’s shared “Black Rose” — a track that sounds like Frankie Knuckles’ spirit being summoned to a Johannesburg warehouse party.

“Say it loud!!!” Mathambo wrote about the single on Soundcloud. “This is love song for my people. This track started out as a collaboration with old school South African bassist/producer Damao, and two great vocalists from Pretoria: Suga Flow and Tamar (Mugwanti). We produced a solid slab of house, drawing on classic elements, and pushing excellence, love and pride.”

Mzansi Beat Code is out on Tika Records on April 14. Give “Black Rose” a listen, and check out another track from the album, “I Found U” featuring Kajama and Fantasma below, along with the full tracklist.

1. “Want Your Love” (feat. Kajama, Fantasma)
2. “Black Rose” (feat. Damao, Suga Flow, Tamar)
3. “Blast Fi Mi” (feat. Loui Lvndn)
4. “Landed” (feat. Loui Lvndn)
5. “The Mountain” (feat. Pegasus Warning, DJ Mujava, DJ Spoko, Machepis)
6. “Volcan” (feat.Ceci Bastida, Fantasma)
7. “Libalela” (feat. Langa Mavuso)
8. “I Found U” (feat. Kajama, Fantasma)
9. “Nothing’s Ever Perfect” (feat. Loui Lvndn)
10. “Sifin’imali Yethu” (feat. Jumping Back Slash)
11. “No Congo No Cellphone”
12. “Spoek Mathambo International Airport” (Border Patrol Dub)

You can pre-order the new album here.