As Spotify Unveils Its Yearly Wrapped Recap, Listeners Compare The Platform With Apple Music And Tidal

Today marks the beginning of social media profiles the world over being filled with Spotify-generated infographics about what music people listened to the most over the past year. As it does every year, Spotify has unveiled its Wrapped feature, which has prompted music fans to compare the platform to two of its major competitors, Apple Music and Tidal. Consequently, all three are trending topics on Twitter today.

Some Apple Music users have felt left out by not having a Spotify Wrapped recap of their own, with multiple users posting the meme of Squidward watching SpongeBob and Patrick have fun outside without him. As other users have noted, though, Apple Music actually has a similar year-end feature.

People have also been comparing the three platforms more broadly, with some praising Apple and Tidal’s playlist curation, artist payment rates, and other features in comparison to Spotify. Inversely, comedian Tommy Campbell shared his thoughts from a creator’s perspective, writing, “Spotify is waaaay better than Apple Music and iTunes is dead. As an artist your work actually gets discovered on Spotify and shared across playlists. Spotify Artists app is fantastic. For all Apple’s ‘we love music’ talk their platform sucks.”

The Hamilton musical was also a trending topic this morning, as many users pointed out that the soundtrack was among their most-played albums. Indeed, it was a big year for Hamilton, as this summer, the soundtrack became the highest-charting Broadway cast album in over 50 years.

Check out some more tweets about Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal below.