St. Vincent Crushed ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ For America!… And The NFL

It’s pretty much impossible to suss out which artists will become stand-ins to represent an era during the actual era, because the mega-hits don’t tend to be the tracks that last. Here’s an example: In spite of its ubiquity on classic rock stations, period entertainment and Guitar Center playlists, “Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix peaked at No. 68 on the Hot 100 (a spot currently held by Fat Joe’s “All The Way Up”). But if we had to take a guess at an artist that future folk will use to represent the era, St. Vincent would be a great pick.

Like Hendrix, she’s a monster of a musician with her fingers on the pulse of the people. Few songs have captured the collective psyche of the ’10s better than “Digital Witness”. And to complete the circle, St. Vincent just shredded her way through the Star-Spangled Banner (much like Hendrix before her) for the NFL ad campaign “Football Is Family.” Much like Hendrix, she altered the anthem to reflect “the turbulent times in which we live.” Check that out up top.

Annie Clark also sat down to dish on her hometown football team, the Dallas Cowboys. She shared a fantasy she had as a child, where she would go to a Cowboys game in her silver-and-blue gear and get picked from the crowd to join the team for a few plays. Check that out below:

The only knock against holding up Clark as a signifier of the ’10s? She doesn’t like burritos. But hey, nobody’s perfect.

(Via Stereogum)