Stealing Beats From Producers Undermines Hip-Hop’s Most Important Players

08.10.17 2 years ago 8 Comments

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On Monday’s Everyday Struggle episode, self-proclaimed “Chief Cultural Director” and semi-retired rapper Joe Budden found a good deal of humor in producers having their beats stolen. While discussing producer MilanMakesBeats’ claims that Playboi Carti stole his beats without compensation and threats to beat up the “pieon,” Budden had a hearty laugh about the producers whom he gave similar treatment in his sixteen-year career.

When DJ Akademiks had a rare morality moment, noting “we can’t co-sign producers gettin’ finessed,” Joe scoffed “oh please,” then raised an argument that producers shouldn’t be upset about getting stiffed because recording artists don’t get paid much from streams. It may be true that rappers aren’t rakin’ it up from music sales, but that doesn’t absolve them of their duty to pay producers whose beats they use. You can’t tell your landlord that your job isn’t paying you a lot and expect them to care.

When show moderator Nadeska asked Budden, the same guy who berated Lil Yachty about being on top of his business, to offer advice to young producers he said, “I’m not teaching that n—- sh*t” because “I might need a free beat.”

Budden then deemed producers wanting a signed contract as “extra” and said, “I don’t have to do none of this [fair negotiating]… I’ll lay a whole song to your two-track and send it right to iTunes.” Really? That’s what flies in “the culture? for Budden”

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