Steve Carell Finally Met Kelly Clarkson, 13 Years After Screaming Her Name In ‘The 40-Year-Old Virgin’

01.08.18 1 year ago

13 years ago, Steve Carell had one of the most recognizable cinematic comedy moments of the past two decades. While getting his chest waxed in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, he screamed out many things while enduring great pain, eventually coming to what became the movie’s defining line: “NOOO, KELLY CLARKSON!”

Since then, Carell and Clarkson have been forever connected in pop culture lore, but they had never actually met each other. That changed last night at the Golden Globes, though: Today, Carell posted a photo of the two of them taken at the ceremony, both sporting giddy smiles, and captioned it, “Finally.” Clarkson retweeted the picture and added, “One of my favorite moments of my life! I love you and your lovely wife!”

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