Study: You’re Going To Give Up On New Music At 33


Getting old is never easy. It just sneaks up on you. All of a sudden, what’s “it” is weird and scary, and it’ll happen to you! At least according to this study extrapolated from Spotify and Echo Nest data. Conducted by Ajay Kalia, the study suggests that by your early 30s, you effectively lock into your tastes and no longer seek out new music.

The numbers show that right around age 33, we stop listening to what would be considered conventionally popular music and start sticking to the music that may be relevant to us, but no longer to the masses. Kalia has an idea of why this is:

“First, listeners discover less-familiar music genres that they didn’t hear on FM radio as early teens, from artists with a lower popularity rank. Second, listeners are returning to the music that was popular when they were coming of age — but which has since phased out of popularity.”

The research also says that men more rapidly experience “taste freeze” than women, and if you’re a parent, it speeds the process up even more. Of course, this is just one study, and we will make every excuse possible to prolong the few cool years we have left. Whatever, we will take our Dadbods and leave your youthful and hip parties with new music. Good day!

Source: Ajay Kalia