Stormzy Gets Ready To Headline Glastonbury In His New ‘Do Better’ Video

This past summer, Stormzy became the first black British solo artist to headline Glastonbury. He has now decided to make a video scrapbook of the moment by using his new “Do Better” video to share some behind-the-scenes footage of himself preparing for the biggest performance of his life. While he works out, talks with his collaborators, and does everything else he did to prepare for the momentous occasion, he was all smiles.

Stormzy recently spoke about his Glastonbury set, and while it was well received, as it was happening, he thought it was a disaster due to malfunctions with his in-ear monitor. He said of his mindset during the show, “I’m just rapping, and all that’s going on through my head is, ‘Oh, my God, I want to cry so bad. This is the pinnacle of my entire life and it’s all going to sh*t.’ And I was just thinking, ‘Just pray. Just keep thanking God, giving God the glory, and take it all in.’” He said that once he left the stage, he was “literally bawling my eyes out. I’ve never cried like that in my life.”

Watch the “Do Better” video above.

Stormzy is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music.