Ingrid Michaelson, A Huge ‘Stranger Things’ Fan, Is Making An Album Based On The Show

Stranger Things has cultivated a huge and obsessed fan base for itself, and now it looks like the show is about to get perhaps its biggest tribute yet: Ingrid Michaelson has announced that she is working on an album based by the show. Yesterday, the singer tweeted a photo of herself dressed as Eleven and wrote, “As you all may (or may not know) I am OBSESSED with Stranger Things. So obsessed, I’m writing a record inspired by the show! Release date TBA. Stay tuned my Stranger Babies… the 80’s are comin atcha!”

She also told Billboard that the collection will be titled Stranger Songs and she’s planning on releasing it around the same time as the show’s third season premiere, which has yet to be announced. In case it wasn’t already obvious, Michaelson says that she has built a profound personal relationship with the show:

“Finding your connection to another’s art isn’t something I’ve ever built a record on, but I feel so inspired by the world Stranger Things has created. This show brings me back to a place of safety and comfort when everything seemed simple. Especially after losing my parents, the idea of living in that space, even for an hour at a time, is not only intoxicating, it’s necessary. I started writing poems inspired by the show and I realized how connected I was to it and my childhood and to that innocence lost.”

Another thing we know for sure is that Barb is on board: Shannon Purser reacted to the news by tweeting, “Wait, I have loved you for so long, this is amazing,” to which Michaelson responded, “BARB. The love is real.”

This upcoming album represents yet another connection between Stranger Things and the music world, since much of the show’s young cast has a well-documented relationship with making music of their own.