David Harbour Made A ‘Stranger Things’ Fan’s Dreams Come True By Posing For Her Yearbook Photos


If you needed another reason to enjoy David Harbour from Stranger Things, this yearbook photo shoot will give plenty of mileage. After California high school student Damaris Fregoso reached out on Twitter and asked Harbour how many retweets it would take for him to sit with her for senior photos, the actor responded with a firm number of 25,000:

And in the end, it was a number she achieved and tossed the ball on Harbour’s court. He then proceeded to dunk said ball and then attempt to play the trombone afterward.


Fregoso and her family apparently got a chance to head to the Netflix headquarters and join up for the photo shoot with Harbour, complete with his requested trombone, sweatshirt, and some pom poms to really push the school spirit to the next level.


You might think Harbour just sat in for one or two photos, but he seemed to take on the role with full force. Just as much as he is embracing his apparent “dad bod,” he jumped into the high school scene and celebrated the end in a special way with Fregoso. He’s living the dream.

And as Fregoso shared online later, Harbour did indeed try to play the trombone. There is no video, so it is sorta like a Bill Murray moment except we all believe it. We just don’t get to see it.