You Can Now Stream Frank Ocean’s ‘Blonde’ On Spotify

Imagine you’re a Frank Ocean fan, and after all the waiting, the hints starting to drop, the teases of the visual video, you think to yourself: “Okay, it’s finally going to happen on Friday.” And then, it doesn’t… but later, you see on your timeline that the album you’ve been waiting for is finally available! To stream only! On Apple Music! Your heart immediately sinks; you can’t even just buy the album, but have to sign up for a service, when you’re already paying for one (yes, buying the album would in theory cost the same, but only for how long and… we’re getting away from the point).

Well, those who were holdouts or locked out no longer have to wait; Frank Ocean’s second studio LP, Blonde, is finally available to stream on Spotify, meaning it can be streamed for the very agreeable price of free. Some of you may have already heard the album’s lead single “Nikes,” as Frank released the clip right before the record’s release in August, but now you can hear the emotional opus in full.

Now before we get ahead of ourselves, this doesn’t mean the album is in wide release — it is still not available on TIDAL or Amazon Music as of yet — but it is on Spotify as you can stream below and it’s available on Apple Music as well as for purchase in the iTunes Store.