Stream The New Weezer Album That’s Being Called Their Best Since ‘Pinkerton’

It seems like every new Weezer album is the “best new Weezer album since Pinkerton,” but no, really, Everything Will Be Alright In the End is the best new Weezer album since Pinkerton. That’s according to Stereogum, which raves, “As far as I’m concerned, having heard the whole thing, Everything Will Be Alright In the End is hands-down Weezer’s best album since Pinkerton.” (See?) Meanwhile, poor Maladroit is the Jerry/Larry/Gary in the band’s discography, except super good.

Weezer’s latest is available to stream on iTunes now, so judge for yourself whether it’s more Blue Album/Pinkerton or Raditude, which is the Mona-Lisa Saperstein because it’s THE WwOoRrSsTt.