SZA Brought Out Khalid At Coachella To Perform ‘Young, Dumb And Broke’


Coachella remains the festival of surprise features as SZA shocked her crowd with special guest Khalid last night. SZA was already infamous for her performance last week which was remorselessly mocked for its many technical failures, guest features not showing up, and the singer herself actually losing her voice. She responded to critiques of the show with a post on Instagram that managed to reference the Cardi B inspirational anthem “Get Up Ten”.

But, just like Cardi B herself, when you knock SZA down, she gets up. And so it was last night when during her electric show when she brought out the much loved Khalid –a singer who many believed deserved to be represented at Coachella with his own show. It was also a move that was sure to win over the haters of last weeks performance as it certainly went over well with the crowd. Social media was ablaze with videos of and tweets which offered nothing short of serious praise for the stellar performance.

The duo performed “Young, Dumb, & Broke” and proved that whatever went wrong with SZA’s set last week was ancient history. A history she has proven she could and would rise above, with the help of her friends.

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