SZA Not-So-Subtly Confirms She And Doja Cat Will Reunite On ‘Shirt’

Over a year ago now, SZA took to TikTok to tease a new song, which fans have collectively given the unofficial title of “Shirt.” The unreleased tune has since sometimes worked its way into SZA’s setlists, and she busted it out at London’s Wireless Festival over the weekend. Furthermore, she gave some more info about what the official release of the song will look like.

While introducing the track on stage, she asked her audience, “Do y’all want to know who’s on this song?” She continued, “The hint is that the we already have a song together, her name starts with a ‘D,’ and it rhymes with ‘Soja.'”

Those not-so-subtle clues clearly point to Doja Cat, who meets all of the qualifications, as she and SZA previously linked up on Doja’s 2021 single “Kiss Me More.”

Back when the song was first making the TikTok rounds, SZA told CBS This Morning, “‘Shirt’ is super easy to remember and now every time I work on it in the studio, I reference it as ‘Shirt.’ Some people call it ‘Blood Stain,’ which is very graphic. Now this song, which I wasn’t even 100-percent sure of the placement on my album, has centered itself on my album. Now we shot a video for it.”