SZA Shared This Wise Text From Her Mom That Will Help You Get Your Life Together, Too

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No matter how successful and famous you get, a good pick-me-up from your mom will always be something special. In fact, given that celebrities face a bunch of unique problems that don’t affect your average person and few people will understand the things they go through, a special message from your mother could be even more meaningful. That at least seems to be true for SZA, who took to Twitter to share a lengthy text from her mom that both tugs at the heartstrings and is brimming with solid practical advice.

“Some fire words from mommy I wanted share for whoever needs em,” SZA wrote on Twitter to caption the screenshot of her mother’s message. In the text, SZA’s mother starts, “Remember, you can even eat an elephant one bite at a time,” before getting into more specifics about how to manage a busy schedule. She suggests making a list of your to-dos and categorizing the items as things that are urgent, things that are not as pressing, and things that could be handled better by somebody else, and then just focusing on the things that need to be done immediately. This type of time management is surely important for somebody with a schedule as busy as SZA’s, but people from all walks of life could learn something from SZA’s mother.

Read the text from SZA’s mother below.

“Remember, you can even eat an elephant one bite at a time. To help change feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, jot down all the stuff that’s making you crazy, then write beside it what must be done NOW, what can be done LATER, and what would be nice to do if you could but is OPTIONAL. Focus only on the NOW. Don’t worry about the other stuff right now. For the NOW, decide if you are the only one who can do it, or can someone else do as well or maybe better than you (a professional, have more time than you, more experience, etc.). Then don’t procrastinate contacting that person and telling them what/how/when you need it done. Next, you prioritize the remaining shorter list for you to do yourself. Remember to follow-up or have Amber follow-up with those things you delegate to others. You’ve now made more space in your life for the things you love and want to do.

Was this helpful as all? I need some honest feedback.”