T.I. And Jeezy Want To Resolve Their Feud With Gucci Mane

On the latest episode of T.I.‘s podcast, ExpediTIously, he and guest rapper Jeezy discuss reaching out to fellow trap music pioneer Gucci Mane to end their longstanding feud. T.I. posits that such a move would be the “best case scenario” for trap music, while Jeezy asserts that it would require a “mafia-style, backroom conversation” and compares their rivalry to that of businessmen who went to Harvard and Yale still coming together for the good of all.


Throughout the conversation, the pair carry a thread of mutual respect for the opposition despite what Jeezy calls “decades” of bad blood between them. T.I. even points out that Gucci would have to be included in his planned Trap Music Museum because to leave him out over their rivalry would amount to “hate.” The conversation prompted an intense debate among fans on Twitter as well, due to the contentious nature of Gucci and Jeezy’s beef through the years. However, the roots of their association are solid: A huge part of both men’s mainstream breakout was their single “So Icey,” at least giving them some common ground to start with.


Meanwhile, another of Jeezy’s rivalries came up in the course of the conversation as well. Jeezy reveals that his plans to sign a burgeoning Nipsey Hussle were scuttled by then Atlantic Records head Lyor Cohen, who Jeezy says nixed Jeezy and Nip’s discussions due to the simmering enmity between Jeezy and Rick Ross, who was also interested in signing Nipsey. “‘I can’t let you sign Nipsey to the label because you and Ross are not seeing eye-to-eye,'” Jeezy quotes, calling it an example of how petty beef can wreck business dealings. Incidentally, Nipsey signed to Atlantic directly ahead of his debut album Victory Lap, denying Ross the same opportunity.

Watch both snippets above and the full episode below.

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