T.I. Calls Out Megachurch Pastor Joel Osteen’s Response To Flooding In Houston And Slams Him As A ‘Fraud’

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Megachurch megapastor Joel Osteen has come under fire for his actions (or namely the lack there of) as Texas became devastated by a flooding disaster. Osteen’s plea that he wasn’t asked to open his Houston megachurch for shelter and his pushback against criticism haven’t garnered much sympathy in the court of public opinion and rapper/actor T.I. is among the voices slamming his approach to Christian caring.

Passing along a video on Instagram of Osteen’s Lakewood Church in safe standing during the storm, T.I. expressed his disappointment and frustration with the lack of consideration afforded to people in need. He slammed the pastor as a “fraud” and gave his critique of megachurches.

“This is why people (like me) don’t trust the mega churches. How can someone (especially a so called man of God) make 70+Ms a yr TAX FREE from citizens of a city that’s now in distress & in dyer need of food water & shelter NOT OPEN THE DOORS OF GODs HOUSE (supposedly) to help those in need?” he wrote. “@joelosteen YOU SIR ARE A FRAUD!!!! Ministers,preachers,pastors,reverends are all supposed to be SERVANTS sent here to do the LORDS work. Not just sitting back in comfort watching as satin has his way!!!! FOH!!! We CANNOT AFFORD to continue to just go & give our money away to people who pose as “Preachers” or their BIG lavish MEGA CHURCHES WITHOUT HOLDING THEM ACCOUNTABLE WHEN WE NEED THEM!!!!!”

On Wednesday, T.I. shared some wisdom from Tupac that crystallizes his feelings about what the church should be providing for the community. It was provided with a reminder of who T.I.’s directing this sentiment at.