Tame Impala Have Rewarded Fans’ ‘Patience’ With Their First New Single In Four Years

Matt Sav

Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker has remained busy over the past few years, whether he’s producing for Lady Gaga and Travis Scott, collaborating with Theophilus London, or getting married. That’s all great (especially the wedding), but ultimately, none of that is new Tame Impala music. The last Tame Impala single was “The Less I Know The Better,” taken from his most recent album, 2015’s Currents. Now, after years of waiting, Parker has finally shared a new Tame Impala song, which is fittingly titled “Patience.” Even though the sound is unmistakably Tame Impala, it sees him venturing into territory he hasn’t necessarily explored before, a place that has piano chords, synths, and a mid-tempo, disco-inspired beat.

The new song is just the latest hint that the follow-up to Currents is on its way this year. Tame Impala are scheduled to play a bunch of festivals this summer, and last year, Parker said, “I love playing Currents songs, I love playing Lonerism songs, but I think I’m ready to play some other songs live.” He also said, “I like that the first time people hear it is the kind of the recorded glory… like the premeditated thing that I’ve spent two years on, rather than being half drunk bashing it out on stage, hitting clanger notes.”

Listen to “Patience” above.