Is Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Video A Ripoff Of A K-Pop Video?

Just when Taylor Swift thinks she has one fire put out by apologizing for her Twitter incident with Nicki Minaj, another one just pops right up. And it’s semi-related to the crux of all of this… the VMAs.

With the controversy that came from Nicki’s objection to being snubbed for Video of the Year, one Twitter user noted that “Bad Blood” has a number of visual similarities to K-pop superstars 2NE1’s “Come Back Home.” Fans of the genre have been making this comparison since May, but a tweet following the Nicki/Taylor firestorm went viral on Wednesday.

The comparison is pretty striking, but director Joseph Kahn, who’s directed countless music videos, as well as the Power/Rangers fan reboot, refutes any claims that the two are alike. He also accused K-pop fans of being particularly ravenous.

Fan armies can be relentless, that is true. And it seems that the plots of the two clips are decidedly different. But the color schemes and actual actions in the clips seem at least related. You be the judge. Are these two videos similar?

Taylor Swift – “Bad Blood” featuring Kendrick Lamar

2NE1 – “Come Back Home”

(Via Jezebel)